I'm still in love with my ex, help?

My ex and I broke up 2 months ago because he wanted to be single. Since then we have been on and off speaking. He keeps saying he wants to get back together in a few months but I don't understand why not know. Whenever he gets drunk he's all over me and tells me he loves me. It's not fair because he knows I still love him. He keeps going back and for texting me for a while then ignoring me, I don't understand. I'm still pritty annoyed at him that he threw everything we had away because we were good together. He also went mad when he found out I booked a girls holiday to Maglfu. I don't know what to do I still love him and he just keeps messing me around but I can't move on? It feels like he doesn't want me but doesn't want anyone else to have me.


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  • You have to take the very difficult decision either you live like a toy to him or leave everything behind and wait for the right guy. Sometimes we can't tell the difference between the Love and Addiction. You have to figure out what you feel towards him is Love or Addiction. If you think it's love then It's a poison love it will destroy you and if you think it's addiction you will get over it eventually just give yourself time. He clearly do not have the value of what he his losing or he is afraid of commitment. In my suggestion give it time and move on, it will be the hardest decision but it will worth.


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  • because he wants to fool around while he's single

    but still wants to have the chance to get back with you if it strikes his fancy

    In my opinion you deserve better.

    • definitely you deserve better

      he is a jerk, doing time pass

      you are correct, he neither wants you nor letting you find another guy

      just part ways with him and move on, give yourself some time and things will become quite simple

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