girlfriend says I dont want anything ahed of kiss?

we bith are 17 and my girlfriend says that she dont want anything ahed of kiss. mesns she says nor in the future wht shud i do. i luv her a lot but this thing troubles me a lot


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  • She's not comfortable doing more. Dump her if you want more. It's better than forcing her

    • ok thnx

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    • @DP0122 well if you want something more and you know waiting would make you resentful then I'd dip put early. If you're hoping one day she'll change her mind you might start acting differently in hopes of convincing her to change her mind

    • hey guyz. she said that she feared sex but said tht she would definitely try ina a month or so. but i m not 18 so i can't book a hotel for couple. and my home nd her home iz nt a gud idea nd nor public place. can anyone suggest where shud we have sex

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  • She is saying that she does not want a relationship with you?

    • she has a relationship with me but she fears of tht all. i hav acees to her mobile her fb account all password all friends. and she is only in relationship with me

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    • all shorted with a little chit chat

    • Your English is much better than any other language that I speak, but it just is not making sense to me.

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