If you were in a loving relationship and your lover had to move to another state in one month what would you do?

I've been with thia girl for almost 8 months and she's the absolute greatest. but she leaves for college this up coming August 5th 2017. yesterday was her birthday and told me that she would have to miss my birth day and leave earlier than expected..

now I've known this situation would come eventually. but on my way back home after the dinner. i found myself tearing up.. came to the realization that i fell in love with this beautifully awesome girl. and I don't know what to do or how to bring up tbe convo with her about how we're going to leave it off...


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  • You just need to sit down and have the conversation with her. It's going to be difficult no matter what because you need to think about not only what you want, but what is realistic as well.

    • yea.. i know.. the realist part is what sucks. reality separates us because college ultimately decides our future. its an important part of our lives.. i know that.. but your right it is hard.

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  • i would visit as often as oi could to make it less hard on both of us.

    • i live in houston tx. she's moving to LSU. which is 5hrs away. my shitty little car can't make those trips.

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    • says here you're 15. no way you have an evolved relationship

    • yeah well it dosen't matter what age it matters if you cared for the person and i did and then he broke it off two years ago b/c he killed himself b/c of his friends.

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