Girls, why do you play games?

So I was friends with benefits with this woman for a bit. It's been over month since she has called it off. She said we were very relationshipy and needed her space. So I tried to fight for it once and failed so I respected her decision and gave her space.

First week after she calls it off, she would always text me. I would reply a couple hours later with a minimal information.
After not texting for a few days, she said I was only in it for the sex. She would still attempt to be extremely friendly with me when I see her face to face.

Second week, she begins hanging out with my a colleague of mine. she hated him when she was with me.

Third and partially fourth week, she continues to hang out with him. In addition, every time she sees me, her back would be facing me ALL THE TIME also she would look super upset.

The fourth and fifth week she begins lightly talking to me again and doing some minor teasing. Being very helpful as well.
All I have been doing is acting "indifferent"

Obviously, she is playing games. My question is, WHY?

What does she want and how do I deal with it?
Girls, why do you play games?
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