Is he being genuine?

A year ago my ex dumped me for another girl, which hurt me really badly. His new relationship didn't last long, and they've been broken up for several months. I ran into him recently at the grocery store, and we caught up for a bit before parting ways. He sends me a message about a week later saying he was sorry if he'd hurt me, and that "he didn't realize how much pain he'd caused me," and that he'd like to be friends. I forgave him, since I was over it by then, and he asked me to get coffee two days later. We talked for 5+ hours, and he kept giving off flirty signals (prolonged eye contact, playful touching, teasing, etc), but I wasn't sure what his intentions were so I didn't encourage him. How can I tell whether he's sincere about being friends, or if he's just using me for an ego boost? Should I run now, or give him the benefit of the doubt?


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