He messaged me and suddenly watches my whatsapp story/status, why?

so I used to date this guy, we were never together as he broke things off to focus on university. I tried to get him back several times and he got really annoyed... he made clear that he didn't want to stay in touch with me. So I deleted him everywhere off social media and only kept his number.
About a week ago my friend (who is still friends on facebook with him) posted a picture and he messaged me late at night on facebook saying 'cool photo' I just replied with 'thanks'. Nothing after that. But since a few days ago i noticed he started viewing my whatsapp story/status. Often just a few minutes after I posted it. And for some reason he kept my number. He never did that before, not even while we were still dating
I'm deeply confused as he suggested no contact at all and now this? Does it even mean anything?
I'm moving on now... it really seems like guys have a radar for when you're starting to forget them.


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  • Dudes have a problem with not really knowing how good they have it until it's gone. I wouldn't mind it too much, he's probably just poking around a little, seeing how your doing and the like. If he keeps trying to cobtact you and you want nothing to do with him, block him. Otherwise, do as you please.

  • sounds like he might just be looking to hook up with you (possibly to forget an ex or something)


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