I want to be friend with my ex?

long story.. we were in relationship for 4 years n she was my classmate since 4 th standard.. we broke up long ago.. it has been 2 years.. she dumped me for another guy.. now she is happy with him.. N I m happy with my life.. she dont want to talk to me... we dont talk anymore.. .. i just want to be her friend again... what should i do?


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  • Why do you want to be her friend?

    • dont know.. but I m happy that she is happy.. I don't want to do anything like take her back as my girlfriend.. but we were friends for too long.. so i wanna be her friend again

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    • What does your girlfriend think about all of this?

    • my girlfriend talks with her ex... its her decision n i respect that

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  • the other guy is better looking than you?

    • yep.. but she still feel that I loved her the most.. but she dont want to talk to me

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  • If she doesn't want to talk to you why do you still want to be her friend?

    • Maybe you still have feelings for her? And rejection by her is making you more stubborn.

    • nope... i just want to be friend bcoz I think we could me better friends now.. N I m not angry...

What Guys Said 2

  • Well in this situation it's better to forget it. If you push it she is going to think you are "needy" and even start to lose respect for you.

    As painfully as it feels, you'll eventually forget. And if you have had a friend and girlfriend like her once, you can do it again ;)

    • its been 3 years... but still sometimes her thought hits my mind

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    • yep... I dont really like her that way.. but i dont know y I wanna be her friend again

    • Well if she refused to be your friend for 3 years, you should give it up

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