It is hard to break up from a internet relationship when you haven't meet the girl yet?

I have a relationship like this and i was just thinking one day how it may be to break up from this relationship. And i have to say that we are in love with eachother. Can i have some opinion from so people who have tried?


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  • Am in a long distance relationships having never met my partner myself and I won't have any rubbish from the comments section about these relationships not being real or whatever. So I will give you my piece.

    Objectively speaking, if you were ever to break up, you need to have respect for this girl. And as such you will treat it as a real relationship. You can't bluff the whole "oh we've never met" thing. There are very real, very strong emotions at play here on both sides. You cannot avoid this. Just like you can't avoid it in a typical relationship.

    If it were me in the relationship, I'd want to make my peace with it. Being able to sit and talk through things for a few hours. I have always believed anything can be a potential dealbreaker. And I also believe people don't break up haphazardly - because why else would you put yourself through the emotional turmoil of a relationship? Though I would be greatly upset, I would hope we came to an amicable resolution with no hatred even if it meant we had to stop speaking from then on.

    Essentially, I would want to be treated as the same human being that I am, even if we had never met. To be respected and considered, but to also give respect and consideration. I would refuse to make the distinction between the two.

    Good luck with your relationship, my friend. It's hard work, but you will learn things about yourself - things you could not ever have learned otherwise. Remember, we can only show courage in the face of fear; and of the unknown. No matter what happens, I believe the experience will teach you to be stronger.

    • Thank you so much, its just me thinking about the possibilities. I love her and i will never hurt and disrespect her and thats why iam worried about this 😕, anyway thank you

    • Be strong. This is cheesy but I do believe it to be appropriate and true here. Believe in what your heart tells you. If it is real, it is real. Doubting will lead to uncertainty and uncertainty will lead to failure.

      You might need to play smart at times, learn patience, learn to not be jealous, and learn to not take offence or get mad. Which are all skills that all healthy relationships should have; but most people don't learn them. A LDR can ONLY work if you are prepared to learn the true art of conversation.

  • Not particularly. You don't even know if they're real.

    • I know that she i real, i do video call every day with hours and i know everything about her

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    • Well girl, my question was different, i dont understand why you talk about this now

    • Because you're delusional.

  • Yes, of course, it can be hard. If you have an emotional connection to the person even when you never had a physical relationship with them, it can be as devastating as meeting and knowing them outside the screen. It's no different than any other physical relationship outside of the net. I never dated so I cannot speak on that subject from that POV. But I do have penpals from Japan and in the States. And I can say that the person I was speaking to as a friend back when I was 20/21, I grew to like speaking with him and we eventually got a Facebook. He fact he contacted me on the penpal site as he was in NYC at the time. Anyway, that was around the time my late mother got very ill, and stuff was happening in my personal life, and I didn't have the finances or a job to even hang out and meet even once. I lost contact with him for almost over a year. And got back in touch with him last year by August. And we are very much on good terms.


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