Is it right or wrong?

I believe that my ex has recently been with other people (not that I give two f**ks) but I feel as though they have been posting the pics where I am able to see on purpose. I saved one and posted it to Google and a few other media's. is this okay or no.


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  • You obviously care if you are posting something to Google that literally has nothing to do with you... just unadd them from wherever you see them on... simple. You didn't even have to react in the way that you did... like it doesn't matter rid he's your ex... and lol watch if you get a new boyfriend and he sees it he'll probably feel the same way you do.. m.

    • the point is they cover everyone of my media apps. in some way they post stuff to where im able to see it and they make sure I know it's them.

    • Well the it's up to you to be the bigger person and ignore it... all u gotta do is unadd... or block or whatever... if you don't wanna see it... if you got them blocked then there's no way you can see them... but maybe your wrong... maybe they just post because they want to... and because you are the ex you just feel like they want you to see them... but then again you could be right... who knows? Just be the bigger person.

    • it's complicated when it's everywhere and under different multiple accounts. but I get what ya mean.

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  • It's got nothing to do with you, and the fact you've saved it and also posted this question proves that you actually do give at least two fucks about it.

    Block, delete, and move on

    • no it's screenshot and was simple. it was the fact that it was purposely done to I don't know make me feel some type of way. but nothing. so to show the carelessness I have I posted it else where. caring if I was I would not have done so in order to keep their pride intact.

    • Lol no, that's not how it works at all. But reacting to if you've cared. By posting it elsewhere you're showing others in your circle you care and then by posting here, further showing that it bothers you.
      They're living their lives, who cares what they do? Obviously you do, but if you didn't you'd ignore it and live your own life instead of moving on with your own.

      You can deny what you want; your actions are pretty much universally known as what someone does when they're bothered by something. So whether you feel that or not doesn't matter when you're asking to validation from others and all they see is you being bothered by your ex moving on with another woman

    • wonder your right thank you.

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  • "Not that I give two fucks" c'mon
    And no, it really is not, if they bother you, remove them from your medias

    • I can't remove them. they come across my feed randomly I block em when they show but they always make another and another.

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    • not on any of them
      it's the off the wall ones like this meet me and a few others.

    • you obviously do care.

  • They probably didn't do it just to taunt you. If you don't want to see it, block it.

  • wrong

  • Who cares what they do... he is your ex.. why do you even care... move on, he has his life to live.


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