Guys, I need ideas?

back story, my ex and I have been in a on/off again relationship for over 7 years. He has broken up with me again this time. he has started talking to another girl already (but personally I don't think it will work out with her for many reasons) anyways I told him I needed some type of closure (even though I really want him back). we have 2 kids together, still live together for financial reasons.
so here is where I really need your thoughts and ideas. I need something him and I can do together that I can disguise as a closure activity but will instead leave that wondering feeling in him.
thank you in advance


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  • I was gonna say let him do one thing with you that he's never done before (anal maybe) to see what he does.

  • A goodbye fuck and some pancakes the next morning?

    • that was the only stipulation he gave was that it can't be sexual... and cause we live together I cook for him anyways.

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    • I like those ideas. thank you

    • we just both get very extreme about things when we are upset or need a little space.

  • maybe its just the sex?


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