How can someone forget all about there past relationship and just move on?

so I came to know today that my ex is getting engage and that some how shook me to the core. we had almost spend 3years as a couple together and she managed to forget all of it in just few months. why am I the only one who isn't able to move on with my life. after she left me I've lost all my motivation and I'm unable to take responsible decision.
I've lost my confidence and trust. this relationship didn't just cost me my time but it took away way more than I bargained for.
i really don't have anything to lose anymore and yet the only thing that's bothering me is that I've lost her.


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  • She probably hasn't forgotten but people move on at different rates.

    • so it is possible for women to love someone and marry someone else?

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    • Must be different areas as it's definitely not that here

    • i don't believe it depends on place, I think it mostly depends on personality

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  • only by time. it took me 2 years to forget them completely

    • yes than how is it that it took her just few months to get over it?

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  • You can't I guess. Time heals everything.

  • I easily can... makes sense.. when it's over it is over. I just move on... doing someone new in a couple weeks.


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