Meeting up with my Ex?

Long story short my boyfriend of just over 2 years dumped me over the phone about a month ago. We've messaged a little bit and decided to meet up to talk things through face to face. I'm pretty sure there's no chance of us getting back together, he seemed pretty clear about that but he has said he'd like to remain friends.
I've not been in a situation like this before, any tips?


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  • Depends on his maturity level. Things could go from dramatically exploding to just-one-night sex or a beautiful reconciliation. You say, girl.


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  • Do it only if you think you are ok to do it, if you genuinly feel you have moved on and have no other feelings for him otherwise you are opening yourself to get hurt again. Friendship between exs only works if you are both on the same page and in the same mindstate. As the dumped this is now where you take back control of your relationship with this guy, see him on your terms and dont let him walk all over you. Stay strong and take your time, its ok to say you aren't ready to see him yet. If you are feeling strong enough and want answers for closure then that is also understandable, just set yourslef boundries and when the feelings come back, leave!

    • Thank you, I think you've said exactly what I needed to hear.
      I think it's going to be difficult to see him. I don't think I'm ready to be friends, I think it'll probably be too painful, but equally I think I need answers to move on.
      I think you're right about taking back control, I need to do this on my terms, I can't be treated like a doormat.

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  • I'm best friends of my ex we dated for 6 years. now we talk about potential significant others and problems on a regular basis.


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  • If he wants to dump you over the phone after two years then I wouldn't waste my time.


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