Why do we keep meeting like this?

So I went on a trip I have been planning over a year. My ex and I have been broken up for almost 2 years. Yet we never lost touch. One day I made him mad by attacking his ego. And well he stopped talking to me about a month ago.
Well I am at EDC in Vegas pretty large event.
I had broken my phone so his number wasn't saved. I was also to meet someone else. So without hesitation thinking it was this new man I was meeting answered.
To my surprise my ex. So being in my happy element I was weak. He said he was alone and couldn't find his friends.
This is the second time we have ran into eachother in vegas. 1st time was on the plane ride home. On new years same day we broke up. He had accidentally purchased the seat next to mine. Took him home that night. Anyway back to EDC weekend. He ended up staying with me all weekend. And well I made sure he didn't forget. If you know what I mean.
He told me he was going on a trip to Miami on Wednesday. I asked oh cool with who. Very weird he wouldn't tell me which of his friends since I know everyone.
Anyway he called me all day the day my flight landed. That night my friend asked me dang he isn't with his girl anymore. I was confused because I had new clue the scumbag had a girlfriend.
Being the a****** I am. I contacted her through one of her friends. Long story short they are in Miami as we speak. The ***** knows we slept together and that we talked but is in denial. He didn't even care if she found out. i made him tell her. I don't know how to feel or why I am sad. Or what this man is possibly thinking. Ugh what is the universe trying to say with all these accidental meetings. Help!!


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  • to get rid of your social media and stop telling everyone your plans so he doesn't know them lol.

    • Thats funny you say that I did. But I tolf him I was going awhile ago. He just remembered. I just don't know if he keeps doing it on purpose. Or if we are meant to be. I don't know anymore

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    • Well thats sad. Because he will only remember vegas and never taste it again. Lol she might have.

    • lmao "taste it" his loss then.

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  • Well I guess he wants the sex part with u but not interested in being in a relationship with u like again , so if u keep having this kinda communication with u may end up hurt more just try to forget him , know it's hard but fill ur time with something better , and if ur ready start a new chapter with someone better and please , Dont break this new guy ego

    • Thank you love. I was doing good. Its like he knows when I am finally ready to let go. But this was it. End of that chapter for sure

    • Hey ur gorgeous for sure and it would be his lose not u , just stop falling for him like again and again and again , ur not desperate , ur sweet , lucky and u deserve the best

    • You're sweet thank you for your kind words. Its been a rough few days

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