So my Girlfriend cheated on me, whats next?

My girlfriend of 6 years (soon to be Ex, I guess) cheated on me. This took place this Friday, I work Monday to Friday and often pull very long work shifts as I run my own plumbing company, as such I have very erratic work schedule. On that particular day I went to help out an old couple as their basement flooded. I finished around 11:30 PM and started heading back home, calling it a night. As I gotten on the highway my phone rang, the caller was my Girlfriend. So as I usually do I accepted the call, something I now I wish I never heard. There it was my Girlfriend moaning and some guy saying bunch of dirty shit to her.

Today I went to see her like I usually do each Saturday and Sunday (I always made this day just for her, so no work on the Weekends). She acted as if nothing has happened, I also did not say anything. I don't know if she is playing dumb or does not know that she or the guy called me yesterday and I got to listen to her getting her brains fucked out on my hands free system.

I'm really lost for words, I wanted to fucking crash my truck yesterday on the highway. I stopped by a gas station and smoked 2 packs in few hours, and I quit smoking 4 years ago. I'm really dumbfounded here, I never cheated on her and made her feel wanted and desired. I also made sure she was satisfied sex wise, but I guess it wasn't enough.

I do have a raw idea who she may have fucked, as 4 hours prior she told me she is going out for her best friends birthday. The other thing is that I now have a promise ring sitting around which I wanted to give her and finally move up to next step after our 6 years of good and bad.

To be honest I will go see her tomorrow and tell her we are done, I will also make sure her parent's know and I will give her the promise ring. She can keep it, as a reminded of the shit she did. What would you do fellow GAG members if you were in my shoes? And is my way of ending it sufficient or should I do something more?

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So we broke up. Today I took her out for breakfast. I was telling her how I enjoyed our 6 years together and I pulled the ring out. She grasped her face and started crying, automatically saying "Yes". But this is were I got up from my knee, looked at her and said "Sorry but I don't do cheaters, you known about my views on cheating and you cheated on me with some dip shit Friday night" she started crying and shit, and I just walked out.

PS. There were bunch of people in there as well :)
So my Girlfriend cheated on me, whats next?
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