So my Girlfriend cheated on me, whats next?

My girlfriend of 6 years (soon to be Ex, I guess) cheated on me. This took place this Friday, I work Monday to Friday and often pull very long work shifts as I run my own plumbing company, as such I have very erratic work schedule. On that particular day I went to help out an old couple as their basement flooded. I finished around 11:30 PM and started heading back home, calling it a night. As I gotten on the highway my phone rang, the caller was my Girlfriend. So as I usually do I accepted the call, something I now I wish I never heard. There it was my Girlfriend moaning and some guy saying bunch of dirty shit to her.

Today I went to see her like I usually do each Saturday and Sunday (I always made this day just for her, so no work on the Weekends). She acted as if nothing has happened, I also did not say anything. I don't know if she is playing dumb or does not know that she or the guy called me yesterday and I got to listen to her getting her brains fucked out on my hands free system.

I'm really lost for words, I wanted to fucking crash my truck yesterday on the highway. I stopped by a gas station and smoked 2 packs in few hours, and I quit smoking 4 years ago. I'm really dumbfounded here, I never cheated on her and made her feel wanted and desired. I also made sure she was satisfied sex wise, but I guess it wasn't enough.

I do have a raw idea who she may have fucked, as 4 hours prior she told me she is going out for her best friends birthday. The other thing is that I now have a promise ring sitting around which I wanted to give her and finally move up to next step after our 6 years of good and bad.

To be honest I will go see her tomorrow and tell her we are done, I will also make sure her parent's know and I will give her the promise ring. She can keep it, as a reminded of the shit she did. What would you do fellow GAG members if you were in my shoes? And is my way of ending it sufficient or should I do something more?

So we broke up. Today I took her out for breakfast. I was telling her how I enjoyed our 6 years together and I pulled the ring out. She grasped her face and started crying, automatically saying "Yes". But this is were I got up from my knee, looked at her and said "Sorry but I don't do cheaters, you known about my views on cheating and you cheated on me with some dip shit Friday night" she started crying and shit, and I just walked out.

PS. There were bunch of people in there as well :)


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  • Ditch the bitch.
    You are still young and don't have kids together.
    Time to start over kid.
    Ending a 6 year relationship is going to be difficult but you can do it.
    Just don't let this affect your future relationships because there are some truly nice gals out there.

    • Already did. Publicly for the matter of fact.

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  • Dude listen, your soon to be Ex-Girlfriend was cheating on you long before you found out, which means she was also cheating behind your back while you guys were still in the relationship.

    Second keep the friggin ring man, what's wrong with you, it was bought from your hard work and sweat, she's probably gonna trade it in sooner than you think and than you would be more devastated.

    Eject the button on this one, you can tell her parents if you want to, but I don't know her parents, but parents usually take their kids side, back her things and send her off.

    Dude this incident is heaven sent, imagine her doing that after the wedding and with 2-3 kids later, you would have been working like a mule and living in some shitty apartment while you have to support your kids as well.

    Let this one go, her shenanigans would come to a halt at some point in her life, that's where she would realize what she has done, but by the time this happens, she would be history in your books.

    • Thanks bud, well it's a 50/50 type of a deal. It can only be assumed and speculated she cheated for all this years, so I'm not gonna go there. It strikes me she did not realize her phone called me and I heard good 15 minutes of this shit, until I hung up. When I texted her in the morning she said her head hurts from yesterday and asked that I come by bit later in the day. I camped few houses down from the morning to see how legit she is, and around 10am a friend dropped her off. The bitch lied about being at home... I also don't do 2nd chances for cheaters, with me you fuck up its done deal. I agree that I dodged a major bullet, like a major 22" dildo size bullet haha.

      Promise ring wise, I paid $300 for it. The store won't take it back I check, so I'm stuck with it. I can sell it and get $150 for it at best. So I could do that realistically.

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  • I'm in no way defending what she did, but obviously there was a disconnect some where along the way. Either sexually or emotionally. Mostly women cheat bc they don't have the intimacy they need from a relationship. And second if you are with a woman for 6 years a promise ring isn't exactly what a woman is looking for. I feel lik if you are gonna promise her a future why not just propose? I'm sorry you are going through this.

    • Haha, yep definitely. I made sure she was sexually and emotionally satisfied even truth I was working my ass off. Frankly I don't care, a promise ring is a ring anyways making someone who was your girlfriend your fiancĂ© so there is that. Also as much as woman try to deny it there is a never justified cause for cheating. Woman ask for loyalty, love and attention. When you give this to them it's still not enough as they need it from some other cock sucker, this cheating. You do understand I could have had sex with many girls but I kept my dick in my pants all this years.

  • Sorry to hear that. But how about both of you sit down and just talk? If you said she went to her bff b day party she may have had bit too much to drink, and some guy took advantage of her. I would not involve her parent's into this, as this is between you and her.

    • Why am I not surprised that the first woman's post came to the cheater's defence.

      >Ma-maybe she didn't want it?

      Please. Don't you think things would've gone differently if that was the case? What happened is obvious. Don't try to make OP second guess himself for fuck's sake.

    • Okay. You do understand I been out with friends drinking and had girls hit on me. Yet I somehow always kept my dick in my pants. Pulling the "She was drunk" excuse is as cliche as it gets so you know.

    • @DanoMR98 Thanks for support bud.

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  • Leave her ass. It's possible she cheated countless times and was finally caught. It's good that you found out before marriage. Just move on and whatever you planned to give her, keep it

    • Oh there is no going back. I have a very strick policy on cheating, I don't do second chances. My mom cheated and made sure my childhood was a emotional and physical fuckhole. So I live with some rather uptight policies. Yet you know man it hurts. It hurts a lot, I don't know if she did cheat many years behind my back, we can all only assume and speculate on this. But I'm gonna take her out on breakfast tomorrow and dump her ass in public. I guess that's a fair payback.

    • Lol or take her to dinner then walk out

    • Keep us updated man

  • If she will fess up to what she did and apologize, give her another chance. But if you won't, bye bye!

    • I don't think I want to hear her apology. I'm more interested in the reason, and after this I don't think I can ever look at her the same. Yesterday the flame I had for her just died. You have no idea how hard it was for me to get my ass back home yesterday, I really wanted to just smash my truck into the concrete barrier.

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    • Hey man. I'm calm today, but at that moment yesterday I was on the edge. It hurts that 6 years were for nothing. You know, now I'm gonna start from 0 and lack bit trust in the next girl.

    • @crystalclear_ I agree with you, she known since day 1 that I'm against cheating. My mother cheated and almost ended up breaking the family, I lived truth near divorce and bunch of mental abuse that came with that. So I hate cheaters with utmost hate.

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