Girls, Why Can woman be so hateful when you break up with her?

I am a very respectful and down to earth type of man that cares how my SO feels and know how to communicate and show affection and what not. I have never hit her or yell at her only talk. I broke up with her for the third time because I do not give up on anything unless it gets very bad. It got very bad on her part. I went down to her house to get my stuff and had the police there to keep the peace. I am not one to argue so I told the officer that i will take pictures of everything that is mine because he gave me 20 minutes to get stuff. She tried to say my tools were not mine along with other stuff. Then she goes and hides stuff so I can't grab it. Why? I have been nothing but nice to her for 5 years. I have been beyond nice.


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  • If she were a nice girl, or even a decent one, it wouldn't have been necessary to bring the police along. But clearly you needed law enforcement to help you clear your things out. Being broken up with is already insulting. It's a rejection. It hurts! Bringing the cops along when you do it? That's just adding insult to injury.


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