Is there a way to make him want to stay friends or get back together in the future?

A lot of stuff happened. Can I keep him or have I lost him? He said he would always stay no matter what even as friends.

"So like a week ago you said if you were single you'd apply to certain Craigslist ads. I was like go for it because I knew you were desperate and needed money. However, I didn't want you actually doing more than what the ads said. I had a feeling that if offered you'd mess around with someone for money. So I decided to make a fake ad. Sure enough you went for the bait. That lead to a series of conversations you had with this other guy who was actually me all along. What bothers me is how intimate the conversation got about personal details of both yours and my life. You basically told this guy my job along with a whole bunch of other things that weren't necessary. Despite you denying it I also got the impression you really enjoyed texting this other person behind my back. Ultimately I did this to see what you were capable of and to see if you'd lie to me. There were many times we were texting me and at the same time you were texting "him". I kept telling you that I trust you and to not do anything. Then you'd text him and agree to go see him. Then came the day at the hotel. I knew I had to pretend I was working so I could catch you in the act. You even told the "other guy" how it might be suspicious to your boyfriend if you stayed too late. But you agreed to do it. Then you actually showed up and walked into that dark hotel room not knowing who exactly was on the other side. You let me do whatever I wanted until I couldn't put on the act any longer. You should of seen your face when I turned on the lights. You were caught red handed. I didn't act angry probably because I'd been mentally preparing for it for days. It devastated me inside though. I don't want to hear your excuse that you needed money. I offered to give you that same amount of money. So I kept my cool even though you hurt me."
Is there a way to make him want to stay friends or get back together in the future?
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