Is this the hoovering behavior from the narcissist ex?

he broke up with me without any arguments and he never really express himself and gets angry when he is not getting the compliments he expected to hear.

After the break up he never stop liking photos of mine even when I was trying to implement no contact. During the no contact I was healing and improving myself. Since he never stopped liking things I took it as it could be an invitation to talk.

He responded but unemotional, and we exchanged a few text and he didn't respond to the last one. So I stopped returning likes or viewing his stories. Then he is non stop liking my stuff again.

Since I'm no longer a narcissistic supply, why is he still trying to get my attention? Shouldn't he either up his game or just walk away?


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  • he is trying to make you want him so he has the upper hand
    dont fall into this and doing ruin your present from this mistake from the past
    you deserve better and you dont need to settle

    • Absolutely. I always had my suspicions about he could be a narcissist. Just that most articles written are a bit for old school and not many are about social media

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    • I'm not changing the subject 😅
      I asked this because I wanted to make sure that I wasn't putting forth opinions based on a wrong assumption.
      which I was
      I was assuming that you were probably dating someone else and you studying the douche might make your date feel worried.

      that was wrong
      and I apologize for making the assumption and dishing out opinions without getting the entire story.

      on your last comment:
      if you can look it as a case study with 0 emotional involvement , then I say go for it, because this would help you see the red flags more easily in the future

    • Apologies accepted. Your last paragraph is my intent. Also i find psychology fascinating. Also regardless of me dating anyone or not. If he has a problem with me having an ex he is not the guy for me.

      "I'm now curious how long is he going to keep up with the liking when I'm not liking anything back. As he was the one who ignored my precious message if he wants to talk he could reply to talk properly" I'm like does this really think it gives him a sense of control? He must be so angry as he is dishing out likes and not getting any in return. haha

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