I need anyone's opinion?

So recently my girlfriend broke up with me because she said she wasn't ready for a relationship and she didn't want me to suffer with her so I decided to give her some space so she can discover who she is and what she wants but should I do that or should I continues to talk to her? Do I stay in her life so when she is ready she'll tell me or do I leave and wait for her to come back to me?


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  • No you need to still talk to her! Sometimes women like to have guys chase them to see how much they really care. You need to remind her daily how much she means to you (if she does mean a lot to you that is). Also it seems like by saying she doesn't want you to "suffer with her" that she may feel insecure about herself as a girlfriend. You need to assure her that she is enough for you and more if you want her back. Waiting around will get you no where trust me!! But also: don't be too clingy. Maybe check in once or twice a day.

    • I just don't want to come off as desperate and push her away but constantly chasing after her she means so much to me but she's so guarded my words mean nothing to her

  • Sure. Stay friends.

    • It's so hard to be her friend though it hurts me because this is the girl I love and to know she may never come back to me kills me

    • Then don't if you can't.

What Guys Said 1

  • Stay friendly with her, like be on good terms, but do your own thing. Become a better person in areas of your life that are lacking for yourself. Woman love self confidence and hate neediness. If you act like you need her back, she'll never come back. Her saying she doesn't want a boyfriend right now means she just doesn't want to date you. And maybe she'll come back if she needs to settle because she can't do better. Become the better option. Be the man and show that you are a happy, well rounded, confident person weather she is with you or not. Once you show that you're very secure in yourself, so much that you don't mind if she ever comes back. She'll be attracted to the confidence and come back. Stop texting her so much, don't answer her right away, show what it's like to be out of her life, go on a date with another girl, do your own thing and be learn to be super happy with yourself. She'll become attracted again when you change for the better.

    • I know this has nothing to do with your post but could this also be relevant to a guy?

    • I want to do that but I can't it's so hard I've been chasing after her since we broke up and I don't know if leaving is the right move because I don't want to lose her I want to show confidence but it hurts me knowing we aren't the same as we used to be

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