How to move on from sever lonliness?

I am 25 years old, 7 months ago I got out of a very abusive relationship that lasted 3 years. I'm trying my best to get therapy and try to move on.

But my ex, he went on this smear campaign against me. And now, I have nothing. I have no one to talk to, no friends to hang out out. No one to send me a `hello, how are you` message. We had moved abroad, we work in Malaysia now. He at the time thought it would be a good idea.

My working hours doesn't allow me to join other activities, I've tried talking to people at cafes, I've tried to go out more often but it's not customary for people to randomly talk to people here.

I don't know what to do... I can't go back home due to financial reasons. I have no family. I'm feeling very very low.


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  • Had an ex attempt to smear me as well, just tends to show you who your friends really are. Maybe get a job where you can work with people and build connections?

    • The issue is, because I'm not local, I get rejected by the locals. It's very frustrating. I've tried to learn the language and eat their food, but they smile politely and hang out amongst themselves.

    • Maybe you could reach out on the internet to meet some people?

    • where? how?

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  • Awww it sucks how u can't join a little activity, group, club or program that involves people doing something together, that would of really helped you...

    Or maybe a sport.. or finding other jobs. Going to parties etc. Or special events. See there is actually a lot of opportunities to do something and get out there. You'll never be lonely.

    Please try.. i know its hard. Otherwise u will make it harder for urself. I barely get out of the house. Which is bad because i choose not too. because i really dont want too which stops me from doing things, since im also shy, introverted and lack confidence.


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  • I'm so sorry that you feel that way, i recently got dumped from my ex who was also my best friend and I feel completely alone and lonely all through the day and I have very few people I talk to. I would love to be your friend, you can always message me when you're feeling very very low and want someone to talk to. Or if you just want to randomly talk, I'd love to know you.

  • first try to have some insight on the culture and read how to deal with cuktural shock. try a hobby? gardening or jogging or join a library. if u want to be social try joining some volunteer work

    • I work so many hours, I don't have any time left for volunteering. That's why I'm feeling very low.

    • then sleep over it.' literally'try changing ur environment. find a job with wirk life balance. try meditation. it will take time to adjust in new culture. and try getting hang of old friends via social media where u r from. these kinds of apps and random chating r usually short term and people r only hungry for sexting and u get noting out of it instead of more loneliness

  • "Smear campaign against you" meaning? And is this the reason that people are not talking to you?

    • It means he told the few people that we talked to when we moved here all this crazy nonsense about me. As a result, they all pulled away from me. They don't reply to texts, or invite me out. I tried to reach out to them, but they believed him over me.

    • Okay and i mean its bad but one thing is good that you are away from people who never trusted you much and were acting as "fake friends"
      Keep trying to talk to people you meet and things will get better by time i also have very less friends so i know how you feel, try to do things what you like any hobby if there is any and i am sure you will meet far better people in life cos you deserve better in life good luck😊👍😊

  • Do not feel like that. Life is beautiful than it seems to be. Wait for someone who really cares about you.


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