Do you think I'm exaggerating by my girlfriend texting a random stranger guy and she sent a picture to him?

The guy screenshot the messages and sent them to me. He said he felt bad for me because I was clueless about what she was doing.

Basically, he was flirting with her calling her hot and then she would still reply to him anyway. He sent her pictures of himself without a shirt and she never told me about it. She also told him that she likes to have sex when she's on top. She also sent an innocent picture of herself to him. And then she called him but he didn't answer. And then he said he would call her back and she said okay to that.

Is this enough to break up with her? But it's our anniversary today:/ 4 years we turned and she expects me to be okay and act like nothing is wrong. I bought flowers and a gift for her anyway.

By the way, I am really faithful to her and have never done anything like that to her where I talk to other girls and stuff but I guess girls are different and guys are too?
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  • This is the one guy you know about. I would bet there are others. Dump her.

    • one guy you know about?

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    • True love takes two people who are totally devoted and truly love each other to properly work. Right now, you love her, but she doesn't love you. I am sorry, man, but you are only being a sucker and she is playing you the fool. She gets to have all the fun of variety and fooling around and comes home to you for all the security and stability. You are only setting yourself up for huge disappointment and failure by staying with her. I know this hurts and sucks, but she is basically cheating and looking for someone else to be with.

    • Have you ever been in a situation like meM

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