Have you ever been rejected by someone that was by far the nicest person you've ever met?

What was it like being rejected by that person? How did you get over it? Did you find someone that came close to that person?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Yes I have, he was the nicest guy toward me. I felt as if this guy rejected me because of the fact that he called me his sister and by him saying that I got the feeling that I was in the friend zone with him. No I have not gotten over this guy and I still think about this guy and no other guy has came close to him.

    • Yea calling you his sister generally means he is not interested in you like that.

What Guys Said 1

  • Ever met up to that point, yes.

    How did I get over it? Time...and I met someone even better.

    I just didn't think it would happen back then. In the moment? It really sucked.

    Be a survivor. Down is just a place to bounce up from.

    It is very true that time heals all wounds.

    It just isn't easy being patient.


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