Does my Ex still like me? He's always making an effort to talk to me, please explain?

This kid is super shy, with a dark sense of humor. Basically he looks, and acts like a shy Draco Malfoy. This kid developed a crush by just looking at me when I was with the marching band in August.(I had zero clue who he was or that he liked me until February) He always was asking questions on who I was, what I did, etc. He was head over heels as his cousin would joke (even though I'd never spoke to him and he was super shy.) We started dating in February. Due to being a year younger than me, he didn't go to my school. While we were dating he was always eager to go on a date with me, always said yes with hesitation, gave me pet names, always was pouring his heart out to me, always telling me how much he liked me, getting really jealous, always wanted to see me, etc. In April, he became distant for two days. We didn't talk a lot to begin with because he was really shy, but it was less than usual. The third day, he broke up wth me, and was very apologetic. Saying how amazing I was, how lovely I was, how he felt like he wasted my time because it was HIM who wanted ME, how he just didn't feel the same way anymore. I kept telling him he didn't need to apologize, that I wasn't upset, things like that happen, etc. After that we didn't talk for a month. Then sometime in May he texted me, apologizing and saying he wanted everything to be right between us again. I told him once more, he didn't have to apologize and that he did nothing wrong. We didn't talk for two or three weeks after that. Then he suddenly messaged me (on my story on snapchat) and slowly, we begin talking again. Now everyday HE starts the conversation (always commenting on my story or telling me a joke) and if I stop, he waits and then comments on something AGAIN to start another conversation back up. In August he joins my school so I'll see him everyday. I'm not a rebound, I know that for sure. So why? Timeline: Crush Aug-Feb. Dating Feb-Apr. Apology: May. Frequent Conversations: Everyday June.


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