Why doesn't the exgirlfriend move on and live her life?

My boyfriends exgirlfriend before me keeps lingering around and calling him to make him feel his actions are the reasons why she turned to drugs. Now that she moved and has the chance to live her life, start fresh. she dated him throughout her 20s on and off. why doesn't she move on? what's her deal?
He feels bad and doesn't want to be the one to say live yoir life move on. but he lets her think he wants her back so it's creating unnecessary drama and wastful energy.
I want to understand why she won't move on? He messed her up emotionally and mentally I would think she's happy living with her family with a chance to grow and be free. idk? Is she just doing this bc I'm in the picture? She's good at arguments and I'm not. so she did a good job making me look guilty with spoofing, theft, lies. it's all so immature on her part when she needs to go. should I tell her the truth that he's lying to her about not being with me? thanks


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  • Probably she doesn't want him to be happy


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