Can you please tell me what you think of my new blog?

OK so I just started a new blog. I'm new to blogging but love to write! Im not asking anyone to "like or share" all I'm asking for is a brutally honest opinion lol thanks in advance πŸ˜€.


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  • Hi Jamie. Been a while since we've messaged. I like the background on your site and I'm looking forward to reading your blogs. Keep us all in the loop.

    • hi! let me know what kind of things you you like to see because this is a miscellaneous blog

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  • can you tell me whats the blog about?

    • I'm starting a mislanious blog but not sure how to start it so I thought I'd introduce myself first. I see other bloggers and youtubers alike posting random things they are passionate about or what they're doing in their lives so I thought I'd do the same

      *I accident my posted The same question twice...

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    • im your first follower!!! i love it. please keep writing

    • Thank you! Let me know what kind if things you wanna see πŸ˜€

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