My baby's father left and he keeps on texting good morning everyday and all day long he will text also and he says good night every night. ?

He doesn't want to be with us but why does he text so much? He doesn't need to text me good morning every day or wish me a good night and text me all day long ! Why is he doing this is this the normal thing to do when a father leaves his family?
My nephew saw my ex phone and he still has as "my love " on his cell phone contact name. What do you think that is?


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  • He doesn't know what he wants (if he should come back or not). You should tell him that he should comeback and be a father to his kid or tell him to stop texting you if he doesn't want to be in your life. And if he doesn't come back and keeps texting then block him.

  • probably just sad and lonely

    • BUt do you agree that it's too much if he is the one that left us. It's over and I think if he were to ask me how we are doing once a week or once a day it would be more reasonable?

    • Hey also I want to ask what you think about this. My nephew saw his phone and said that he still has me as "my love" in his phone book he has not changed my tittle and it's been 2 months since we separated. What do you think?

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