Is he still in love with her?

He was with her for 7 years On and off, and were even engaged, but it ended and she met someone else and now has 2 children. I've known him almost 3 years and from the start he's always brought her up. At first he would say how he hated her and couldn't even say her name, but now he says he doesn't have anything against her, and one time said he still cares. He also says sometimes he thinks how it would be if he would've got married and had children.

we only dated a few months, but we're still friends, but it can get annoying hearing about her sometimes.

but there are times when he doesn't bring her up for months.


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  • that entirely might not be true. mood swings happen to men too. but that doesn't mean he still loves her. he might have a special place for her but that doesn't necessarily mean he still loves her.


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