How to stop loving someone who isn't good for you?

so this is kind of a long story, but I'll just try and explain the jist of it, because I feel like I really just need some support right now

I was with this guy for about a year. I kept thinking we were really in love (but now I feel like it was more of a love-hate thing) , but for some reason I kept a wall up the whole time I was with him. A part of me felt like I just couldn't be my true self around him, and I felt like I was lying to him.

Basically, I had heard some things about him from mutual friends about an incident that happened with him and his ex-girlfriend. He was awful to her (stuff I'd rather not say, because it was demeaning)

But I couldn't help that I loved him so much. I mean anyone whose been in love knows what I mean. I never told him that I knew about all the awful things I had heard about him, just because I was scared of him getting angry. But not saying anything also made me feel like a liar. He also dealt with a addictions (mainly alcohol) and this took a strain on the relationship even though he tried to stop multiple times

Long story short, I figured I couldn't trust him and that I had been ignoring my instincts that were telling me that I shouldn't have been with him so I broke up with him. We didn't really talk after that

Now he's with someone else, and they seem happy (at least that what it looks like on social media) and I can't help but think I made a mistake. I never realized how bad this would feel because I still love him.

****But basically, if any of you have experienced loving someone who was wrong for you, I could really use some support/advice on how to move on/deal with these feelings, and I'd appreciate if there was no judgement. thanks

How to stop loving someone who isn't good for you?
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