Why would a female dumper block you after no contact, when you aren't even connected on social media?

Long story short: Dated a girl for 7 months, unknown to me became interested in a guy at work, started acting weird (cancelling on me, going out with "friends at weird times", no sex), she kinda forced me to break-up with her (she asked for space, said she felt weird about us, I unfollowed and unfriended, no contact immediately.), never got a reason or anything; saw her at a party with her new guy, I drunkenly told her that was the last time she would see me or hear from me along with some other mean words, and then went to dance, and party with some new girls. I started missing her and noticed she blocked me on Instagram, and Snapchat, why would she do that? I've been no contact for two months, and am moving on steadily.


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  • In my opinion I feel like she is starting to feel the guilt because what it sounds like is that she left you for this other dude. So she is feeling guilty probably because you were a nice guy type deal and she just wasn't feeling you and she didn't wanna hurt you but she didn't want to stay either.

    • sorry it's so long.

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    • Lol that's weird still

    • Haha you're telling me? I'll never understand women.

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