He GHOSTED ME and now remembered to like my pics on instagram again. why?

About 3 months ago, my boyfriend ghosted me, the most shittiest thing he could ve done, since he were in a long distance relationship, we were dating for 3 months, and there is no denial that he was a player after all, and didn't care about me, for the way he treated me in the end, he did not only stoped talking to me, but also, at the time, rubbed it on my face that he no longer cared about me by unfollowed me on Snapchat (your main way of comunication) and publishing photos of girlfriends he never talked about, a few weeks he changed his insta profile to public, and published photos of himself looking like (pardon my french) a hoe with fuckboy pic captions. However this ass forgot to unfollow me on instagram, He continued to watch my instastories as nothing happened, every damn instagramstorie, he saw it all, I continued to post pics, but he no longer like them, but somehow, something changed, and this assh*** unexplicably out of nowhere remembered to like every pic I post, and on top of that, he is always the first liking the, after like 10 sec I post them, there it is, his like. can someone explain me what this ass want? i don't know why he has done all this shittiest things to me since he ghosted me, i have done nothing wrong to him, and he just keeps doing things like he needs to prove me something. I didn't even tried to contact him after the ghosting, his last words were: sorry, when I asked at the moment what was wrong with him, i never tried to pursue him, i just send him a sms when i discovered that he unfollowed me on Snapchat saying how low it was, since i never bothered him since the "sorry", that he couldnt be more of a coward and how he was never my friend, and that was it.


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  • this guy is a imature douche
    leave him forever


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