Do guys that potentially want to date a newly single girl give her some space prior to asking her out?

Say the breakup is fairly recent. Currently guys are flirting with me but none have actually asked me out. They know I'm just newly single within the last week. I had this the last time I was single happen as all the guys didn't want to be just the rebound. They wanted to date long term.


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  • If they have a brain, they will want to give you some space and time to collect your feelings... But there is also the pressure that you could meet someone else tomorrow and they might lose their only opportunity to date you (and maybe more).

    Some guys just won't wait at all, because they will have lost a girl by trying to give her some space, only to find out that she is dating someone else.

    It's not a fun situation to be in for a guy, and it helps if the girl gives you some guidance (and if she doesn't go back on it herself). I've seen the "I've just gotten out of a relationship and am not ready to date anyone for a while" become "this is my boyfriend Todd" a few days later, and that sucks.

    The truth is, if someone finds you really attractive, they will usually get past their other issues (or set them aside) and date that person, but if they only find someone to be somewhat attractive, then they will probably find a reason not to date them - legit or not.

    • I'm going to send you a message on here so I can ask some further questions.

  • We're simple creatures, so as much as they'll know they should give you space and wait, they also are instinctively going to try and get your attention now. Plus they know if they play it too cool someone else will beat them to it.

    • True so picking up in flirting is their way of showing interest then?

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    • Well then what else can I do to show I'm interested?

    • Ask him out?

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