Did he really move on?

About a year ago a guy who liked me said he would like to just be friends and focus on himself. FYI we're in the same religion and believe only in dating I'd you want to get married. So we were dating but we liked each other, him more towards me, I was just starting to like him. He tells me that he had been liking me for over year. But then a few months later a rumour went out I guess about him, I never really found out, and he told me we should just be friends and focus on other things for the moment. That was at the end of last summer. We've seen each other since but every couple months, not like we used to. And it's been fine. We get a long. it is still a bit awkward. One time at a party we were dancing and talking and catching up but when we decided to move towards the kitchen to get away from the speaker so we can here each other better, it got super awkward and we never continued it lol I guess we lost the moment.

I am telling you last summer was the best thing ever. and I really enjoyed the time with him. and he really made it seem like he wanted to make it work out in the future. and he would really try to make a group so we can hang out. but out of no where it dropped.

My question is
do you think he still likes me? I really miss him. and just now I tried texting him to kinda like let him know that hey we miss hanging with you and your family and hopefully we can do so soon.
Does he still like me?


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  • yeah he did


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