How I fill the void of an ex being gone when they were toxic?

Basically I know it was a bad relationship and don't miss him as a person but I miss the intimacy and the closeness with HIM. If he were a better person he would be perfect. I feel like lately, since the break up is so fresh, I confuse loneliness as missing him. I found this post in a forum that explains exactly how I feel and I wanted your advice on how to fill the void.

RE: "I'm surprised this topic doesn't come up more often. For me, one of the worst things about breaking up is knowing that I'll be deprived of intimacy, physical affection, cuddling etc. and yeah, sex, for who knows how many months or years, because I don't do casual sex at all, ever, and I'm pretty picky about relationships, and it could be a very long while before I'm in one again, if ever.

Then what drives me totally insane is hearing people tell you that it's great to be single again because you have all that *freedom* now. Freedom to f*** around? Sorry, not interested. I've been looking for the past 6 months, but I still don't get it what's so great about "being free again". I know it's good that my ex and I split, but I just hate being single, not having anyone to kiss me, hug me and give me back rubs, and knowing that this is probably going to be so for a long time.

Funny, I'm starting to feel over my breakup, but it's like now a new layer of crappy is revealing itself to me, aka the fact that even though I'm out of a relationship that sucked, I'm now in a new reality that sucks too, being single."
How I fill the void of an ex being gone when they were toxic?
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