Do you believe in "the one"?

at age 18 till 21.5 I was in a relationship. this girl I had at the time was for me "the one". I honoustly wanted to spend the rest of my life with. but then stuff happened. she got diagnosed with MS and it struck the relationship hard.

she wanted to push me away as I just couldn't figure out what it all exactly ment. it took me almost a full year to finally figure it all out. and yet I wasn't gonna give up on her. at the time I wasn't getting forward wth my own life as I kinda devoted myself to her.

this one time we got into an argument Wich led to a fight over the phone. couple minutes later she stood at my door says 5 words "I'm breaking up with you". just when I got it all figured out. she never gave me answers, I never hurt her. I was good to her in many ways.

14 years of friendship and a 3.5 year relationship. tossed away over an argument.. till this day I still have no real clue as to why she did what she did.

for me it still feels like she was the one for me. I'm 24 now, 2 small relationships further and yet I still think about this girl nearly every evening.

even tough she won't talk to me. I'm still friends with her brother. so when I see her or he just happens to show a picture where she is on. it still hurts me but it also makes me happy. it makes me sad that I'm not the one she is with. yet I'm happy that she's happy and turned out to become a lovely woman even tough her illness.

Sorry for the long post.
here's a potato :p.
Do you believe in "the one"?
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