Old relationship?

I broke up with my ex since 5 years ago, I tried to forget him by loving someone else but It doesn't work , Any opinion to exist this old relationship


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  • You just haven't found the right person. Second of all you should not be having this mindset of finding someone to "replace" him. He was once a part of your life, not any more. So turn the page and keep on moving

    • You're right I tried to find someone right someone better but unfortunately I have found someone love and I didn't love him the way he loved me and that's cause me pain and I have found the wrong person every time I tried to get relationship in case erase my memories and this is one of the biggest mistakes to turn my life into a good way but what hurts me that I hated this memories so much

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  • You have not found the right person yet be patient young lady and know that the smile on your face is what will attract your soul mate and as far as xxstud muffin goes he more than likely has gone on with his life and you need to do the same and just remember you b aighttt!!! ya feel me? Now practice putting on that smile it's a powerful tool you have if you use it so good luck with you and your life it's to short to waist your time in the past so you go!!!

    • Omg , That's what I waiting for the right answer and the right solution you analyzes it perfectly man Thank you so much and I promise to set my smile whenever any thing happens to me and I will let the past go and concentrate upon my future again Thank you very much I appreciate your help πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

  • love ur memories with him and find reason why you leave him and put it front of you always and don't try to find excuses for him if he need u before he will make the impossible to keep u

    • Sometimes you need to love your memories even it causes pain to reduce it in your heart

    • look I had loved some one before and she was good enough for me to give chance to offer her my eye due to medical issue in her one , but at final we didn't get married and didn't become even close friends.

  • just help me out, did you mean *exit?
    just so that I know what I'm talking about

    • Exit Yeah

    • you need to jot down the reasons why you ended it
      and think if thats what you really want?
      if thats what you deserve
      or if thats what you desire
      half of your work will be done at that point

    • I asked myself all these questions even more than this questions at the end the right solution for all this bullshits is thanks god that he left me πŸ˜‚βœ‹πŸ»

  • Fall in love with someone who really cares and loves you much more than himself

    • I tried unfortunately it didn't work

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    • Seriously, you are such a pretty beautiful girl I have ever seen before ❀

    • would you follow me please ❀

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  • Never forget that you loved him. Cherish the time you Two had and how it has shaped you. You can never replace old love with new love. Someday you will get to a place when you realise this. Just take one day at a time. Your person is out there, keep your chin up.


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