Will he talk to me again?

I had a 5 years relationship with my boyfriend thats no longer in a relationship with me now. Lately things were getting out of hand and we would have a lot of stupid arguments through txtn and in person. At one point we started to push eachother, we had talks and we talked about our problems and would move on from them. Before we broke up he insist to get back on birth control because GE was worried I would get pregnant. It wasn't the first time getting on it but I did let him know how I felt about it and how it effects my mood swings and makes me loose weight. I ended up getting on it

and so the effect kicked it in that first week and I was getting moody and him and i had a bad week we seriously argued so much that week but he Still came over on Saturday like usual and chill at my place. That same day we talked so much and we did argue a lot but at the end we said we werent going be this way and started to sip some beers and shot he bought. At night I caught myself arguing with him once again because he was going leave and we didn't have no sex at all. I was drunk I never told him that but once again he was leaving my house bad and what I did is try to pull him back and told him don'r do this , don't leave this this again, eventually he did and said he was done. I called him and he never picked up I send him so many text I call him so many times and he never replied back. Is been two weeks and I haven't talked to him because he ignores me. Next month we will be 6 years on the 21st. I seriously dont know why he would just say he done and leave it like this and ignore me. I wish he would talk to me the day we were suppose to turn 6 years but do you guys think is possible?
Will he talk to me again?
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