Bad idea to attempt?

My girlfriend broke up with me for no spoken reason before graduating high school.
It's been a few years, and I found out the primary reason. So, because I didn't have her number I apologised to her on a message on Facebook. But she never is on Facebook and hasn't read it.

Is it a dumb idea to reach out to her on Instagram or Twitter or even Snapchat and try to apologize again?
To at the very least give myself closure?


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  • No way. It's a good attempt. It shows you really care to apologize to her. And if she sees it, she will see how much you care to apologize. And just attempting could make you feel even better.

    • Even though it's been more than 3 years. I just recently discovered why.

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    • good luck!

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  • DO IT! You will regret not doing it later. Trust me.

    • should I expect a response when I do?

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    • I sent my ex a beautiful letter explaining why I felt I had to break up with him and what he needed to do to fix us and give it another go. I also said that if I didn't hear from him I wished him the best because he was my first true love. He blocked me from everything. Don't expect anything.

    • I just want to do right

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