Why did my ex do this?

After agreeing that some time apart would be good for both of us following the split, she blocked me on facebook and instagram but kept me on Snapchat where we always looking at each others story posts. A few months later I was unblocked from Facebook and Instagram with her interacting with me through a friends instagram account during that blocked period. Why would she keep me on snapchat and still look if she wanted proper separation like she suggested?


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  • If your asking why... it's mindgames

    Children play games adults do not..

    She wants YOU to sit and think of her to give her an ego boost.. she wants YOU to message her so she can block you again and call you names behind YOUR back like creep and 'haha he still likes me'

    It's all games ignore it or block her for good..

    if she was interested in you she'd be at your door.. if she isn't at your door forget her and her kiddy games


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  • I would hide her from my snapchat stories if I were you. She has blocked you, so you should block her. You might find it hard to do, but you may feel better in yourself. Give her a taste of her own medicine!

    • I've got nothing to hide, I've dated since, just thought it was kinda contradictory behaviour for what she was trying to achieve in separation

    • Ok, I do see where you are coming from @cragbanna. Sorry

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  • She enjoys knowing you are still alive in some form. Also SC being a 3rd party not direct contact.
    my question is how long was the relationship and are you connected in real life activities still?

    • Officially 4 months, some may say 9 months, we were mates for years before. Not connected really, mutual friends that's all

    • then its very much the memories that keep you connected to her. she doesn't want you back more so she wants her own memories to also be consistent with her situation now.

    • Yeah there's no way we could have a relationship and risk going through damaging what we had all that time again, at least not for several years. Would like to be friends but that means leaving it another year until after uni has truly finished and who knows what people we'll be by then

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