My boyfriend and I broke up due to long-distance but we still acted romantically towards each other, he had a fling. Is this wrong?

My boyfriend I were together for six to seven months before he had to leave. We decided not to do a long-distance but agreed that we will try to find ways to plan to be together.

When we first broke up, I did not want to talk to him to heal from it but he still wanted to talk everyday. He said let's talk since we are still trying to find out way back to each other. Therefore we talked romantically towards each other for a good 7 months LDR but not exclusive. We did not really talk about boundaries. When we first broke up and were not talking, I admitted that I had a one night stand with someone but that was it. However, the moment me and my ex started talking again and romantically, I never saw anyone out of respect for him. After 7 months of being away from each other, still talking everyday, skyping and saying i love you. We met again and he introduced me to his family and friends. We slept together and held hands, doing everything a couple would do.

However, I noticed he was using his phone a lot and finally found out that he was messaging someone that he had a fling with. I asked him more about it and and he said there are just friends now and he stopped the fling once he found out I am trying to move to where he is. He said he hardly message her and was only messaging her to coordinate the flights for when they meet. So he had the fling with her a month before we met, so while we were talking romantically towards each other and that I assume we were kind of exclusive. He coordinated to meet her after he was planning to go back to asia for a while to spend time with me and my family. He told me that he does not love her and that he loves me. And it was just a fling. He said what he did was not wrong as we were not exclusive but I was shocked that he coordinate to meet her again in the future ( he claimed they were meeting as friends), even though he and I were still trying to figure out what our plans are and we were trying to find a way back together.


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  • A bunch of mumbo jumble. Both you and your so called boyfriend are not really loyal to each other. Just move on.


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  • It doesn't even feel like he is seeing your relationship the same way you do. If he really did want you the same way you do, je would have felt horrible after the first night with her

  • Move on. He planned a meeting with her to f her.


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