Does he still have feelings for me?

So i just broke up with my boyfriend two weeks ago. And we haven't talk that much anymore. We say hey here and there and wyd but thats basically it. But when we did date i had his pw to instagram. I had a nickname for him " Man Sword." It was a stupid nickname but i use to call him that. Anyway after we broke up he still kept that in his bio. He doesn't even know what it means but he still has it in his bio. It was my nickname for him. So im just confused on why he didn't take it down. Cause a couple of days after we broke up he put single in his bio. So does he still have feelings for me?


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  • their is a possibility he is also trying to figure out if you still have feelings for him or he simply just like the nickname.

    • Why do you think he's trying to figure out if i still have feelings for him?

    • people have their own ego's.

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