Why girls sometimes cheat with guys like us?

I am a social worker and I am under poverty I like to help people. I found a girl on Mylol and she said she was ok with long distance relationship. and I chatted with her for 5 days she was not responding and got little angry and I said she is breaking my heart and I got blocked , on mylol, FB and what's app. I want to know that why girls r so rude or why they change so suddenly and one more I said she can video call me anytime, anywhere but she never did. I want a long distance relationship. I live in India. ask me for FB , Instagram, Skype.


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  • What are you saying to her? That's probably the problem. Or she just lost interest. You can't find love in five days anyways

    • just forget about it need a LDRS or I should be single for my whole life...

  • you know her for 5 days, she didn't loved you. You can't love someone you know for 5 days.

    • I don't love but I feel bad if someone‚Äč just leaves me... I am too emotional

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    • I was depressed because‚Äč of my pet... I am happy out side but dead inside... I never wanted a relationship but its not... I am lonely

    • loneliness kills me... have you experienced

  • Long distance is hard... There should always be a level of trust in between 2 people before distance comes. Not seeing the person you love for days is.. painful. You miss them and you want them to be near you. Some girls don't really value trust and love. Some boys are the same too. They play and when they're tired they stop. Don't worry thought, you'll eventually find the perfect match in some time.


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