How would you feel?

Today I found out that my boyfriend of almost two months has been cheating on me for about a week via my sister finding his Facebook and seeing his relationship status was dating another girl (I'm not mean, but she definitely is not a looker and known for being an attention seeker). I didn't talk to him for a week previously because he never talked to me (he knows I can't text first because of my anxiety).

I texted him first when I found out (out of anger) and said 'At least break up with me first'. He said 'Look at that you text me'. I told him well obviously because you cheated on me. And then he said well I thought you didn't want to talk to me because you hadn't talked to me in like two months. 1. We haven't been dating for two months 2. He knows why I don't text first.

So I'm going to be petty next year along with my friends and sisters friends.. and I'm definitely going to try for a glo up and show him why you don't go from an iPhone 7 to an iPhone 4 ;)
How would you feel?
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