What do I do with his mixed signals?

The guy I was dating broke things off three weeks ago because I'm unsure if I want kids (and he definitely does). I'm also a bit anti-religion and its very important to him. Breaking things off was tough for both of us- I think in some ways he took it harder than I did. Since the breakup he's been sending a lot of mixed signals. He made me a birthday card and got up early to tape it to the windshield of my car. He had lunch sent to me on my day off. He posts breakup songs constantly on FB- a lot of which are oriented around wanting someone back, etc. The title for the song he posted today is my name. We're not friends on FB anymore, but I'm fairly sure he knows I can see his profile due to his privacy settings. I want him back, but I don't want to be the desperate girl who chases a guy. I feel like if he's having second thoughts and/or questioning his decision, he needs to be man enough to talk to me, right? This is so hard, and I'm so confused. Any advice?


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  • He broke up with YOU. You didn't break up with him. If he had the balls to break up he has the balls to get back or at least stop posting those things. If you were a guy and he was a girl, I'd still give you the same advice. Don't crawl back for someone who ditched you in the first place. The world keeps spinning.

    • Thank you- you're right. I've never really been in a situation where I wanted the person back. Usually I know a breakup is for the better. This one I'm not sure. But you're right. If he has the balls to break up he has the balls to get me back if he chooses too. It's his loss, and I just need to move on.

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