Who does he love?

Dated a guy for a year. He has clearly been involved with his ex and I've caught him in lies about it before. He went to Mexico with her last fall while we were seeing each other and lied about t. Fast forward to now. We've been fighting a lot because I knew something was off. But he'd never let me leave and would cry and say I stole his heart and shit. then I see on social media that his ex is at his sisters baby shower when I wasn't invited. So I confronted him and the truth came out that he slept with her in mexico. We spent the whole weekend talking and I made him block her from everything and he did. But then I dumped him anyway. I ended up getting into contact with her. She told me everything. She lives an hour and a half away from him but he'd still been seeing her every week. They've been talking since December about getting back together. She showed me emails and texts messages about him moving in with her and how they were soulmates but that he was confused about me and how he is in love with me but doesn't see a future and that he needs time to end it blah blah blah.
Well we confronted him together and they started going at it. Yelling and being mean and hurtful. He said they have passion and we don't and basically said the sex is better with her (I am paraphrasing) but that he was in love with me. He eventually said to her "im more invested in her at this point and we had our chance so I want to try with her but if that doesn't work out, I want you. I feel like we are the kind of people who end up together in the end. Like we may even marry other people at
at first but eventually we find each other." And she laughed and said "no thanks" and said a few things that clearly got to him. Then he asked for a minute to speak with me where he told me he was sorry and wanted to try but I got mad that he couldn't even say that in front of her and he was also drunk at this point. But


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  • I think you should move on and be with someone who respects you like the queen u are

    • I know but who do you think he loves?

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    • I don't want him back but I'm super hurt and want to believe that he loved me and not her. THat she was just a mistake and he was confused but ultimately wanted me and now I'm gone. You don't think it's that? You think he truly wanted her but isn't admitting it to himself and is only keeping me around before it's convenient?

    • well look at what ur doing making up excuses for what he did that hurt you so much forget him and don't let it take up any more of your time message me if you have any more questions

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  • Why are you still with him or want to be with him? He doesn't respect you and he betrayed you by cheating. Just move on


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  • Her and sounds like bullshit

    • My fear is that I am convenient and he does love me but I felt like a child listening to them argue. I'm afraid she's the love of his life and he's just being stupid and now that he's lost her he's gonna regret it and chose her not me. Does he love her? Does he love me? Neither? Both? Thoughts please

      He said in front of us both at first when we walked in that she is crazy and he doesn't have feelings for her though but that's when they started yelling at each other and I feel like he just said that to hurt her. But maybe he was telling the truth? He took it back later and said he does have feelings for her but Ugh

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    • He seems to always go back to her

      I am sorry, he loves her more yes

    • Anything you want to add?😊

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