How do I win the love of my life back?? Please help!

My ex girlfriend and I were together for just about 2 years. About after a year of being together we ended up moving in together and also got engaged to each other. The first couple of months with living together were amazing, but then the bills started stacking up and we were both getting stressed out and taking it out on each other. I also wasn't very helpful around the apartment and when I had friends over, I wouldn't even bother to see if she wanted to do something. I feel like I got too comfortable in the relationship. She ended up moving back to her mom's and called off the engagement. Then, a week later she broke up with me. She tells me that the reason she called it quits is because everything just built up over time and she reached her breaking point. She said that she got tired of how I always put her down and wasn't supportive of her new job. also she hated my temper and how I was always partying and blowing money on things that were not necessary. I am trying to get the point across to her that the guy she thinks I am is not me at all. I just got so stressed and overwhelmed with everything. she truly is by far an amazing girl.i know she is the one for me. what can I do to win her back? I need so me advice before time is no longer on my side.


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  • "The guy she thinks I am is not me at all." Maybe it IS you and she see's how you can be when things get tough and you start taking her for granted- she did say "everything built up over time". Meaning, this has been going on for a while and she was just letting it go. Until now. Want to get her back? Start owning up to your mistakes, apologize, and become a better man. Grow up and take responsibility. She needed you to love and support her, to clean the kitchen and rub her feet for her when she came home from work, take her on date nights, anything and everything that could tell her that you will and always will be there for her. Grow up. And prove to her that you are willing to grow up for your relationship. Because until you do, she will never come back to you. She'll move on and find that someone who will take care of her.

    Sorry, but that's how it is


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  • well said right there by obvious, and what tallguy said as well.

    You may not get your dream girl back, poster, however if you take this as a life learning experience and get your act together maybe you will be ready for a great relationship later down the line. Maybe it will be with her, maybe it won't.

    But at least you will be ready the next time.

    Or, you can sit there and think we're all ganging up on you and you're a perfect guy and do nothing about yourself... and have the same dance play out for the rest of your life.

    It takes two to make a relationship work.


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  • obvious10 took the words out of my mouth. If she is the greatest girl ever then you need to treat her like it. Don't beg. That won't work. Get your crap together act like a grown human being who wants a future with a great girl. Cleanup cook dinner and don't EVER choose your friends over the girl of your dreams.


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