Why is he stalking me?

There is this guy I used to date but stopped talking to, that will be talking to his friends and will stop what he's doing to look at me. Every time I see him he follows me around like walking behind me, then he will walk in front of me so I can see him. Or he will go inside of a store I go inside of after seeing me go in. But he hasn't approached me. Why is he stalking me?


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  • From this kind of behaviour it seems that he is obsessed with you. visibly he is trying to get your attention and trying to keep an eye on you. though he once used to date you, he doesn't want to get off from you. may be he is trying to get back to you again. talk to him about this or ignore him. may be these kind of stalking can get more ugly. better to sort this out and talk to him about this directly.


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  • Tell him to leave you alone.


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