Why would she ignore this message?

I dated a LDS girl on and off for 4 years, and we reached a breaking point yesterday. After she told me she has changed and grown close to the church, she only wants to stay in my life to convert me.
Afterwards, I sent this message to her mom.

I'm sorry to be messaging you again, but this will be my final time. l need to address this.
I attempted for the last time to reach out to Taylor, and I discovered where my place in her life was and always will be.
I told you before, she was the best thing to ever come into my life, and I wish things weren't the way they are, because I loved her and wanted to be with her very much.
I know I didn't match up to what you saw as the best person for Taylor, but I tried my best to be that person, cause I only ever wanted to make her happy.
I just hope you know I always tried, and never wanted to give her up. We had a irreplaceable connection, and she left a huge impact on me, and that I would have done everything to keep her safe and fulfil all her wishes had she said yes.
I wish things were different, but it appears Taylor only ever cared about converting me. Now I see it's time to close this chapter in our lives.
Goodbye and sorry to waste more of your time

Why would she just read and ignore this message?


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  • Maybe she didn't know how to respond or felt that she didn't need to respond since you and her daughter are broken up

    • he daughter is on her mission thought, and couldn't have told her what happened that quickly

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    • When we started dating again last year, I messaged her to directly apologize for how I was when we first dated, because I was 17, and told her how much her daughter meant to me.
      She was talking a lot of shit about me, so that's why I sent it.
      She didn't reply to that, but replied to me about other things, but hasn't replied to this message or my previous one.

    • was what I said bad?

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