Private or public my insta?

Hi, I having a problem which relates to my instagram. Recently my ex switch his account from private into public account for no reason i guess. Mine was public as I created it 4 months ago. My ex is with a new girlfriend (newly like 3 months) . Yet to be true, my ex seems does not like the man I am seeing now, i really don't know why he does not like it but then it does not turn out the way i wanted so might as well i move on even better without seeing anyone for now and be happy with my own -_-. On the other side, our mutual friend said my ex wants both but at the same he wants to concentrate on the new girl. Confusing tho. What should I do? Should I private my insta or let it public? If you ask me, am i love with this person. Probably yeah, probably not. But, this question has been bothers me a lot lately.


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  • private it.

  • Unfollow him & put your account to private

    • Thank you for replying :D

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    • I've tried but nvm i make myself recover first , i dont want anyone to be my rebound at the moment.

    • that's cool, I support that, enjoy

  • Public


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