Will he ever ask me back?

Hi there,

I just need some advice on what to do. I was seeing a guy for about 2 months I started to really like him and still do. The problem is things started moving on between us a bit fast and he admitted he wasn't ready and still needs to get over his ex of who he was with for 7 years. I can understand that it was a long time he was with her and is going to need time. He has said to still speak to him and be friends. I can't stop thinking about him and just wish he would ask me back. He has said leave it a month or 2 and see if he will be ready, is ever going to ask me out again?

If you need more information just ask me


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  • Ok, he wants some space and has asked you to respect him while he takes time out to give him time to heal. Yes, that I would accept but at the same time, why cut communication from someone who wants not only to be his friend but wants to spend time with. He may respect you enough not wanting your relationship with him to be a rebound but at the same time, in order for anything to happen at some point, communication is the key. I am sure he must be in contact with his friends, be they girls or guys.

    It is a toughie but you got to bide your time and get busy doing other things than sitting around waiting for the phone to ring and twiddling your thumbs. Join some groups, clubs, meet new people, even learn a new language or something and then if he does contact you, then OK. But it is a bit unfair of him to expect you to wait for him. One month is maybe OK but two months is a long time.

    Just keep busy and occupy yourself with fun things to do and go out and have fun nights out with your friends

    • Thanks for your reply. I have moved on and started doing more things. I do work in the same place as him so I still see him every day, but it is getting easier for me. I ain't going to wait round for him and even if he did ask me again I can't see myself going back to him. x

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