Give me the hard truth?

Mid year me and my ex where going throw some hard time so we broke up. But we agreed that we would stay in touch and try and work things out. I thought that everything was ok but I found out that he was seeing other people behind my back. After a couple of woman and a couple months later. I decided to start seeing someone else but I was still seeing my ex too... Long story short I got pregnant by one of those guys and I'm not in the right mind set or place to be a mother. I told my ex that I was... but I haven't told the other guy. But his family know about the hole thing. I want to give the child up for adoption for a couple of reasons and I feel like a horrible person because I am doing this. What should I do?
suck it up and tell the other guy
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Not tell the other guy
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keep the baby
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Give me the hard truth?
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