There were immaturities unresolved in our relationship. No contact for 3wks, no formal closure - What will I do with my realisations?

No contact for 3wks, No formal closure
Looks like he is happy with the break up
He didn't exert effort from the start
He doesn't know what he wants
He seems not up for anything serious
His mind is not stable
He is a man child
He is unsure of himself
He doesn't want additional responsibilities
He has poor relationship skills
He is selfish, passive-aggressive, inconsistent and egotistical
He is emotionally unavailable
He is rude to his ex, wants the first to dump to save his ego

I know he doesn't seem worth it BUT I'm learning my lessons now with a little bit of regrets. He showed disinterest since we are not talking anymore.

I have common sense. You'll tell me that I just let go, move on and close the chapter. What will I do with my realisations? Is it worth talking about it with him?


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  • You need to just move on here. "Closure" is just an excuse to stay in contact with someone who doesn't want you. He's made his feelings clear so have a little self respect and stop thinking so much about someone who isn't worth your time and energy.


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